On Thursdays I Wear Dresses

I figured it was appropriate to write about my Thursday sartorial choices as it’s Thursday today. I’ve written about my progress toward minimalism, including reducing my wardrobe to more of a uniform. I’ve actually made great strides with my closet this year. Nearly every top I own is now blue and bottoms are black or gray. I have a couple oddballs I owned prior to the cleanout, but anything I purchase new must fit into those basic parameters.


It ensures my clothes all work well together and can be worn a variety of ways. Once I pared everything down it made me want to wear what I loved more frequently – after all, I bought these items for a reason. I was able to release many of those “just in case” items I’d work perhaps once or twice in the previous two years. I’ve decided if I own something, I need to use it. Gone are the days of saving something “for a special occasion.” As the saying goes, you don’t need an occasion to open that fancy bottle of wine: opening the bottle is the occasion. And so it became with my wardrobe.

I’m not an overtly feminine lady but I really love dresses. I think they’re beautiful and easy to wear. Sadly, since I’ve been working in male-dominated industries for the past decade, many of my pretty dresses simply sat in my closet.

Once I reduced the amount of proper work pants in my wardrobe, I found myself looking at my dresses – in particular, two basic black dresses that have stood the test of time and yet were rarely let out of the closet. I decided I was going to take them each for a spin, male-dominated workplace be damned. I was concerned about unwanted attention in the beginning but have (quite thankfully) found it not to be an issue (though perhaps that’s owed more to my decision to forego most makeup and heels these days).

As I shrank out of my dress pants (thanks Invisalign…more on that unending process later) I found I had only three pairs that fit. Thursday rolled around and I would turn to a dress. At first this was unplanned but as the weeks passed I began to look forward to my Dress Thursdays.

  • First, it shakes up my blue-and-gray pants ensemble. Second, I feel a little extra feminine. Third, we have casual Fridays so it’s fun to dress up right before dressing down. And perhaps the biggest benefit for me is mental: I’m not in love with my current job, so this gives me something to look forward to toward the end of the week, when it’s too early to think about the weekend but the days have begun to grow long. When I don my dress (or skirt) Thursday morning, I know the weekend is coming and the routine helps to propel me through the last 16 hours.

Do you have any wardrobe routines? Would you ever consider one?

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