Annual Goals – 2017 list

As a follow up to my earlier post, here are my goals for 2017 as they stand now – I’m sure more will be added.

Practice mandolin at least once per week with book. I bought a mandolin a couple years ago and while I’ve toyed around with it, I haven’t put much time into actually learning my way around. I picked up a book for myself written by a guitarist who learned mandolin after, so it’s going pretty well thus far as I’m in the same position. I’ll keep you posted. I am notoriously bad at intentionally practicing technique versus learning material. 

Pay off my student loan. Now that the Invisalign payments are off the table, this is a no-brainer. 

Write 2 blog posts per week. I know, I slacked off with one per week in 2016. But now the habit has begun, and I’ve started to create a bit of a focus on material. Plus it’s good practice for my writing skills. Still looking for more freelance writing and editing gigs, if you’re reading this and need a writer, editor, or proofreader!

Read “Silent Spring” by Rachel Carson as well as at least one John Muir book. I call myself an environmentalist, a tree-hugging adventurer, and a book lover, yet I haven’t read either of the above. I have some work to do to connect with these pioneers of the conservationist movement.

Leave my corporate job. Self-explanatory. We are very likely moving, so it’ll probably happen at the same time, but when we move, I’d like to focus on working for myself and not pick up another corporate gig. I’ve done it before – I can do it again. 

Hike the Long Trail. This will probably happen in conjunction with the move – before we get to our new destination, we can take a month and hike the entire state of Vermont. We’ve done 31 miles on it already – only 241 new ones to check out. 

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