Annual Goals – 2016 recap

As mentioned in a previous post, I set goals for myself each year instead of resolutions. This has been working pretty well so far so I’ll keep it going for another year.

First, let’s recap my goals for 2016 and see how well I did:

One blog post per week, any topic. Done by laziness. I completed 52 posts, but they weren’t done on a regular weekly basis. Plus side: this end of year push has gotten me into the habit of more frequent writing, so I gained a bit more discipline and took steps toward my larger goal of finishing my book and writing more as a career.

Complete the Suzanne Bowen Fitness New Years Challenge (no skipping workouts for a 12 week daily fitness program). Done! I was (and still am) super proud of myself for completing every single daily workout, illness and travel be damned. If you’re looking for a challenging at-home workout, I highly recommend SBF

Travel internationally at least once. This didn’t happen but we did go to Hawaii. No passports necessary for a very cool, unique experience, and the longest flights either of us had ever taken. 

Eat at Sazon Philly. Along with traveling internationally, I love trying new foods locally – especially when they remind me of my adventures. I’d read Sazon had the best arepas in Philly and they (and the arepas) did not disappoint. 

Pay off and/or trade in my Jeep. Done – I traded it in with just a few payments to go and ended up with a sweet new Subaru in its place.

Pay off my student loan. Not done – because I got Invisalign this year and my extra cash went there. However – I paid off my Invisalign this year and it was about double what’s left on my student loan, so I’d say it’s still a win.

Save $XXXX more in my emergency/move fund. Done – even with Invisalign payments. Go me.

Save $XXXX in my Africa dream trip account. This didn’t happen, but I did open the account and set a small auto-deposit into it each month. Baby steps for big dreams.

Set my IRA back to auto deposit. Done. Adulting for the win.

Open my Africa dream trip account. Done (see above).

Finish “This is Your Brain on Music” by Daniel J. Levitin. This book is sitting on my table staring at me right now – because I finished it and a friend has asked to borrow it. I’ve had this book for years and always managed to read about halfway through before putting it down in lieu of something else. It felt pretty good to cross this one off the list. Plus it’s a good read.

Get regular massages. Done in the later part of the year. I took a very long time finding a new local massage therapist. I really loved and connected with my therapist in New York and leaving her was tough. Luckily, I found a new one in Medford who has become a dear friend and also melts away my stress. Massage therapy is so undervalued in our society and seen as a luxury, but we believe it’s important for holistic health.

Join FlexJobs and get remote work. Partially done. I did join FlexJobs for about three months, but I got a new credit card thanks to a bank switch and never updated the details. I applied for a couple positions I didn’t get. I would like to get back on board going forward though. I would especially like to find some more freelance writing/editing gigs (anybody hiring?) so I can step out of corporate America. 

Stay tuned for my goals for 2017!

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