If I Worked for NPR

I hear Korva Coleman’s voice bringing me the latest headlines nearly every morning on my commute to work. Not only does she have a fantastic speaking voice, she also has a memorable name – much like most reporters on NPR. I looked her up once, just to see how she spelled her name (I incorrectly assumed it was Corva, like Cora), and discovered I wasn’t the only one who found the names of the NPR staff fascinating.

As the Atlantic reported, it’s a reflection of the truly diverse “sweep of NPR’s international coverage and America’s own diversity.” According to novelist Liana Maeby, quoted in the article, if you weren’t blessed with a great NPR name, you can create your own by adding your middle initial somewhere in your first name and adding the smallest place you’ve visited as your last name.

I can play that game. My name could be the much-more-exotic-sounding Sarjah (pronounced Sariah, of course) Leticia. Maybe I should sign all my posts with that name instead.

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