Happy holidays

A friend apologized for saying “merry Christmas” to me earlier this week, fearing she had been insensitive should I celebrate a different holiday. While I celebrate Hanukkah, I’m not at all offended when someone wishes me a merry Christmas – I’m simply happy someone is sending me well-wishes! I don’t believe it is the well-wisher’s responsibility to know what the recipient may or may not celebrate. Sometimes I think we could all stand to simply be more kind and spread more cheer without being so worried about differences of opinion or celebration. There is no “war on Christmas” and I’m happy to wish others a merry Christmas, but there are many other reasons to celebrate and choose happiness during these cold, dark winter months.

Choose to be kind and to receive kindness from whence it came without questioning why it was offered or whether or beliefs may differ. Kindness and happiness need not be divisive.

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