Happy Hour

In this busy season of our already-busy lives, Travis and I dreamed up a little concept we dubbed “happy hour.” Clearly, we aren’t very original, but it’s not happy hour in the traditional bar-hopping sense. Instead, our version of happy hour is carving out a full 60 minutes each day to devote to whatever makes us happy. It’ll be different every day, and the minutes needn’t be consecutive, but the focus is on taking that time to be happy.

I haven’t been very good at it myself, but I do feel accomplished on the days I have managed to set my timer and – even with pausing and restarting later – I get my full happy hour in. Some days I choose to read, write, practice music, work out, or call a friend. It’s usually a combination of some of the above. I try to get a little meditation in sometimes. I’m not very good at it, but it does help relax my ever-whirring brain. It also helps me focus on what’s truly important to me – something that’s a constant work in progress.

I don’t let myself fall down the internet rabbit hole during my happy hour. No researching recipes, travel destinations, or ideal living situations. It’s a time to be present and enjoy the present. No working, no cooking (although I do enjoy cooking), no cleaning. It’s time I’ve set aside to get back in touch with myself in any way I wish. It’s tougher than you’d imagine, especially on the days I work hard at a job I don’t really connect with on a deep level. On those days, I want to come home and veg out, turning my brain off in ways that are often unfulfilling and unproductive.

One of my new goals for the coming year will be to prioritize my Happy Hours. I won’t hold myself to a standard of perfection, but if even 3-4 hours a week are focused completely on doing what makes me happy, I know it’ll help me to become more positive in all areas of life.

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