Got my photos to my phone

Kind of a silly mini post, but I finally got my photos to sync to my phone so I can share travel and adventure photos more easily. I didn’t use my phone to take pictures in some areas so they’ve been waiting for years to get out of my computer and on to instagram.

I kept getting too many photos to sync so I ended up exporting everything in Photos to desktop folders. Then I reviewed the folders and copied my favorite photos back in Photos, and finally turned on PhotoStream. Now my top photos are accessible, and I’m not bogged down with tons of random pictures adding themselves to my phone. I need to cull the collection again – I don’t NEED 2000 photos hanging out on my computer – but this is a good start to seeing which images are actually important to me.

Can you tell I’m scrambling for short topics? I have tons of ideas for longer posts or photo posts, but typing those on my phone isn’t easy. Time is ticking to hit my (self-imposed, completely arbitrary) goal of 52 posts for the year.

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