Photo album ordered

I stayed up far too late last night deciding which photos would make it into my nice pretty new hardcover printed photo album from Shutterfly. Then I decided to change which photos I was including today, so I’ve spent another few hours deconstructing and rearranging.

Luckily for me, it’s all behind me now. WOOHOO!! I’ve actually ordered a photo album! It includes photos going back about a decade or so…featuring bad haircuts, old friends with poor facial hair choices, way too many late nights, and some big adventures. It’s a small book, so it’s not like the images will be huge, but it’ll be cool to have a tangible album of photos.

I realized going through them I’ve not shared the photos from my adventures abroad with Travis. Sure, he’s seen some here and there, but we’ve never sat down and gone through the digital albums whilst telling stories. Now that I’ve pared the albums down to more manageable selections, I think it’s time we did just that.

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