Harriman State Park, Memorial Day 2015

**UPDATE** I FOUND TRAVIS!! I was hanging out, being bummed, when my friend surprised me at the bar I was at. She looked at the phone number, said, “I don’t like that 6. Put a 5 there. It’s my lucky number.” I’d already tried a few other numbers to no avail, but I figured what else did I have to lose?

“Is this Travis?”

“Who is this?”

“Sarah from the woods?”

“Where’s the trail map link you were going to send me?” IT WAS HIM!!

Now on to the posts about the actual hike!***

This past weekend I took myself on the longest solo hiking trip I’ve ever done. I’ve done longer solo backpacking trips, and longer trips hiking and camping with others, but this was the longest both day- and mileage-wise I’ve undertaken alone.

Well, that’s not entirely true. My friend Tim let me borrow his amazing Chesapeake Bay Retriever for the duration of the trip.


He. Let. Me. Take. His. Dog. Into. The. Woods. Alone. For. Four. Days.

Tim is currently my favorite person in the world, although as he tells it, he “didn’t even do anything.” He “let me” take his most prized companion into the wild by myself. Well, Tim had to be out of town and needed someone to babysit Obie. Obie has come over to play a few times and I adore him – he’s the same size as my beloved Zelda who passed away a few years ago, and just as – if not more so – well-behaved. I told him I’d be delighted, but that I had a four-day trip planned.

“Obie loves camping.” Done. I picked him up, complete with backpack and food, and off we went.

I’ll post a LOT more about our actual hike in following posts, but this post isn’t about our hike. This post is about the fact I am trying to #FindTravis – a fellow awesome hiker who stumbled upon Obie and me chilling in the hammock at O’Brien shelter on our final night out, Memorial Day weekend.



I was barefoot, letting my socks dry, when Travis came around the side of some rocks, startling Obie. He barked but I told Travis he was friendly, and Obie mellowed out. We started talking and I hopped out of the hammock to compare maps and trails with him.

We talked about different countries where we’d stayed out late drinking, the coolest places we’d camped, and how neither of us were ever home. Harriman was about an hour and a half away for both of us and the perfect escape from our grown-up, indoor-centric, daily lives. He lives in the Philly area and was camping with a friend (I never saw the friend).


Obie and I made our dinner after Travis went back to his friend. I built a fire and he came back a little later but declined the sip of whisky I passed over. I got his number to text him the website where I’d gotten the good intel on places to park and plan hikes from so he could use it too. We had no service and I told him I’d send him the text later on. I admitted to him – the only person on the hike  I told – that Obie wasn’t actually my dog because I’m not home often enough to have one these days.

Many miles and a day later, I discovered I’d input his number wrong when a woman named Kathy told me she had no idea who I was looking for but it wasn’t her. And that’s why this post is here, and where you come in: I’m trying to #FindTravis so we can go hiking together in Harriman. I don’t know which number I typed wrong, and I don’t have a whole lot of information to give. So, help me #FindTravis – he lives in the Philly area, he was hiking/camping with a friend in Harriman State Park over Memorial Day 2015, he’s in his 30s, has been known to home-brew some beer, works in marketing, and has traveled to Utah and Belgium.



Help me #FindTravis so we can plan an awesome return hike this season!

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