The List

Without giving too much backstory – nor too much information up front – this was the list I created just about two years ago, as I embarked upon my final year in my 20s. I had much to learn, much to see, much to grieve, and much to grow.

You will see “DONE” listed after every line – because I completed everything on the list, ending with my birthday trip to the Grand Canyon. This blog was born out of the stories my “Thirty Things” brought to my life. As with most things, very little of this was linear. Some of the experiences don’t have exciting, accompanying travelogs (reading quantum physics books, for example). The stories that will follow this post will, at least in the beginning, mostly focus on that year. But in the time since I started the list, I’ve been living nearly everything like an adventure – so you may find some posts from current adventures too.

Without further ado, I give you my COMPLETED “Thirty Things” List:

30 Things To Do Before I’m 30

  1. Volunteer in Colombia DONE
  2. Run a half marathon DONE
  3. Travel to Israel DONE
  4. Go camping alone DONE
  5. Record at least one of my new songs so people can hear it DONE
  6. Finish reading both quantum physics books I borrowed DONE
  7. Take a class through Coursera/MIT DONE
  8. Completely pay off at least one of my two credit cards  DONE
  9. Regain fluency in Spanish for potential career options as a translator/FSO/TEFL in SA DONE
  10. Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge DONE
  11. Walk the High Line park DONE
  12. Get a new digital piano for the house  DONE
  13. Get a professional bra fitting for the first time DONE
  14. Go to a beach on LI DONE
  15. Write more on my book! DONE
  16. Get my Zelda memorial tattoo DONE
  17. Go to the Grand Canyon and/or Africa for my birthday, depending on finances DONE
  18. Go to a vegan cupcake shop in the city and bring some home! DONE
  19. Visit my dad/grandparents/aunt DONE
  20. See my sister in person (will be the first time in over 5yrs)  DONE
  21. Take a pole-dancing class DONE
  22. Go to the ballet in the city (Swan Lake if possible) DONE
  23. Go horseback riding (even just trail riding around here) at least once this year DONE
  24. Eat at Daniel NYC DONE
  25. Rent a luxury car/convertible or similar for a day. Or at least test-drive something ludicrous DONE
  26. Go to a Latin/ballroom/swing dance club with someone who knows how to dance/at least has the basics down and is willing to go for it (or go alone and find a dance partner there) DONE
  27. Play a full-band gig with the new material DONE
  28. Get my leather jacket re-lined  DONE
  29. Drink a bottle of wine from the year I was bornDONE
  30. Save $XXXX into my emergency fund and get back on auto-deposit for my IRA DONE

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