Today’s “A Happier 2017” asked “Are you more likely to indulge in a bad habit in a group or when you’re alone?” First I thought, “well, obviously, in a group. I keep a pretty healthy home.” Then I thought about the times I’ve done things alone I normally wouldn’t do with others due to judgement… Read More

I recently submitted this piece into a contest but didn’t win, so you get to enjoy it instead. My brain is toast from lots of exciting new developments this week. I’m doing an abysmal job of two posts per week at the moment, but the ideas are here. I have a ton of recipes I… Read More

I’m not having kids, so why do I care about the future? That’s a pretty bold statement, but it’s true. People often say they’re concerned about the world their children are going to grow up in…yet they don’t seem concerned about the world TODAY. I’ve had conversations with people who say climate change issues are… Read More

About a month ago I outlined my goals for the year. I don’t call them “resolutions” because I don’t like the idea of “resolving” to do something. Rather, they’re my goals for the year – achievements, milestones, and actions to take pride in. To keep myself accountable, here’s my first monthly recap of how I’m… Read More

The Superbowl is looming ever closer, and our fridge is PACKED. Aside from the holiday season, the Superbowl is a great excuse to cozy up whilst cooking up a bunch of delicious food. But we don’t have a TV. We aren’t even hosting a party. We’re planning to stream the game on our (shared) laptop, all… Read More

I went a little overboard at the apple orchard this fall. I also went a little overboard with canned pumpkin. Every time Travis or I needed groceries, I put a can of pumpkin on the list. Since we rarely had the chance to shop together during the fall, we ended up picking up a can –… Read More

During our walk yesterday Travis and I talked about perpetual poverty – the unfortunate cycle of how those living in poverty have such a difficult time planning for the future, saving, and growing their money. I grew up in just such a situation. I haven’t read it yet, but I’m awaiting the arrival of Hillbilly… Read More

I started to get more into natural personal care products when I got back into backpacking. Although today I can’t believe I ever managed to go so long without camping, my college years were decidedly more metropolitan than the years before and after. I’m not here to tell you all modern personal care products are… Read More

As promised in my previous post, here’s the classic Tofu Pot Pie recipe – it’s a hit with both vegetarians and omnivores alike! Print Tofu Pot Pie with Mushroom Gravy – Pot Pie Recipe Ingredients 2 pastry crusts (or feel free to make your own) 1 block extra firm tofu, drained and cut into 1″… Read More

Today, as my gift to you, I’m passing on a recipe (well, actually two) that’s been a hit among my friends and family for years. I got it from an online forum and copied it into a Word doc about 9 years ago. The printout is splattered with gravy and wrinkled from use – just the… Read More