You’ve probably seen them on Pinterest or Instagram, and you’ve probably thought they look delicious, but too time-consuming for an everyday dinner. Think again: galettes – at least the way we make them in our house – are pretty much the easiest fancy-looking way to eat dinner in a flash. I’d been meaning to try… Read More

I finished the glass of whisky and clicked over to Google Flights. I knew if I didn’t buy the tickets now, I wasn’t going to do it. I didn’t ask for the time off but I had earned it last year, and I was taking it whether it was approved or not. New York to… Read More

In case your CSA isn’t overflowing with them just yet, be warned: it’s eggplant season. YUM! I recently discovered not everyone likes eggplant, and also lots of folks aren’t quite sure what to do with this abundant purple vegetable in their weekly shares. I love eggplant and here’s one of my favorite barely-a-recipe meals to… Read More

Or, “How we ate our CSA this week when it was far too hot to make a galette!” We’ve been enjoying the fruits (or shall I say veggies) of our CSA this summer. Each Friday we get a box full of reasons not to go anywhere beyond our kitchen or do anything beyond craft new… Read More

I’ve been meaning to write this post since we returned but I wanted to make sure I had the time and photos to do it justice! Without further excuse, here’s what we did on Independence Day 2016. My best friend of 30 years lives with her husband on the side of a mountain in Vermont… Read More

I’ve been working on streamlining my life for a while and I’m learning it’s going to be a work in progress forever. It’s not just about a one-and-done cleaning marathon a la Marie Kondo, but an ongoing self-care check-in to ensure I’m focusing on what’s truly important to me. I just finished coursework for an… Read More

Last spring I signed up for a memoir class at the local college that started in June. I’ve been working on my book since I was living it but haven’t done much in the way of formatting, editing, or adding to it since I finished the Arizona sections upon completion of the list. I know… Read More

I can’t believe I’m posting this recipe. Actually, I can’t believe it took me three days to post it. I’ve been too busy devouring the entire batch of my brand-new Protein Cheesecake Cupcakes. I saw this post on Chocolate Covered Katie for Cheesecake Cupcakes¬†a few weeks back and bookmarked it to try. I love cheesecake… Read More

We decided to join a CSA for the first time this summer. Since we’ve both been living alone for so long it didn’t make sense to buy a subscription to a massive box of produce for just one person. But now¬† it does! So we joined up with Summer Wind Farms in NJ and anxiously… Read More

I have a longwinded post about travel and what we seek to find when we leave our homes, but it’s not done yet. I apologize for the lack of posts while I’ve been putting it together. However, I’ve continued to have adventures, so here’s a short recap on our recent weekend in the Catskills –… Read More